Fennovoima celebrating its 10th anniversary – outdoor concert held in Pyhäjoki

Fennovoima is celebrating its 10th birthday in Pyhäjoki in June. Petra from a popular TV show Vain elämää, and Marja Pisilä, a Voice of Finland contender from Pyhäjoki, will be performing at the outdoor family concert. The concert is hosted by Abdul Tuisku, a character from a comedy show Putous.

The outdoor concert will be held at the sports field in Kielosaari sports park on Saturday, 17th of June from 6 p.m. In addition to the music, there are activities for both children and adults. The kids can e.g. jump around in the bouncy castles, ride the carousel, and join throwing games. The adults can have a go, for example, at a high striker and boxing ball. 

In addition to Fennovoima’s 10th anniversary celebration, the traditional Parhalahti Day is held in Pyhäjoki in June. The event, organised by the Pyhäjoki municipality, the Parhalahti village association and Fennovoima, brings the people of the municipality, associations and entrepreneurs together for the sixth time at the Parhalahti school. 

The Parhalahti Day is held on Saturday, 10th of June from 11 a.m. This year, the performers include The Magic Bus band from Pyhäjoki and Marja Pisilä, who also performs at Fennovoima’s 10th anniversary concert. Pippi Longstocking, among others, will be entertaining the children at the Parhalahti Day.

Both events are free of charge and have no age limit. Food and beverages are served in both the outdoor concert and Parhalahti Day.

Further information:
Anniina Kärkkäinen, Regional Communications Officer, tel. +358 20 757 8587