Fennovoima as an Employer

At Fennovoima you get to work for a remarkable and unique project. We offer an international and flexible work environment and interesting tasks for both experienced professionals and for specialists who are starting their career. At Fennovoima, you will be able to develop yourself and also to influence on your own work.

At this stage of our project we are looking for professionals from different technical fields. We appreciate experience from the nuclear industry and from quality, information and project management. We recruit people from other professional fields too, e.g. administration.

In the next couple of years, the majority of new Fennovoima recruits will be stationed in the Helsinki region and only a few dozen of our employees will be moving to Pyhäjoki. More employees will transfer to Pyhäjoki gradually, as the construction phase draws closer. Within a few years when the construction of the power plant is at its peak, the number of employees in Pyhäjoki will grow fast. Our staff is working in Pyhäjoki during the commercial operation.

Fennovoima is a fast-growing company. Currently there are over 300 employees in Fennovoima, both experienced professionals and development-oriented newcomers. Our average age is around 40 years and over 30 per cent of us are women.

Our daily working languages are Finnish and English.

Welcome to Fennovoima!