Minttu Hietamäki Works with All Aspects of Nuclear Safety

Minttu Hietamäki has been called Finland's most radiant engineer, and she is involved in many aspects of Fennovoima's project. You might find her teaching nuclear engineering for engineering teachers or introducing Fennovoima at various events and seminars, or you might read her interviews in the media. In addition to communications, Minttu works with radiation safety in Fennovoima's nuclear safety department.

Minttu began her career at Fennovoima in 2010 by writing her Master’s thesis on the radiation safety features of new nuclear power plants. As a nuclear engineering specialist, she is responsible for the definition of radiation safety requirements for the nuclear power plant and the coordination of radiation monitoring in the plant environment. Radiation monitoring will be carried out every year until the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant.

Minttu lives in the north of Finland and mainly works from Fennovoima's offices in Oulu. She says that Fennovoima is an excellent example of a rapidly growing start-up company. Everyone works towards the shared goals. Instead of following old routines, everyone is open to new ways of working. All Fennovoima's employees are aware of how unique the project is.

To bring balance into her nuclear power-filled life, Minttu plays bass in a heavy metal band. She also ran her first marathon in Stockholm in May 2014.

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