Fennovoima Policies

Fennovoima Code of Conduct and the company's key policies define the responsible way of operation of Fennovoima. All our employees are obliged to comply with the rules and principles laid down in the policies throughout our operations. Our principles and policies are regularly updated in cooperation with the company's various departments and senior management.

Communication policy

Fennovoima wants to be a credible and reliable company. To support this goal we communicate diversely and clearly about the matters in our company and Hanhikivi 1 -project. The purpose of all communication at Fennovoima is to further the project with our stakeholders and to maintain and strengthen the reputation of the company.

The legitimization of the project is granted by the Finnish government and parliament and therefore, the corporate citizenship and responsibilities related to this position are essential.

Corporate Security policy

The objective of the Fennovoima corporate security policy is to support the company's main targets by ensuring a secure working environment. The goal is to be prepared for disturbances and to make sure that the company can recover from any undesired situation as quickly as possible.

In Fennovoima, corporate security is divided into the security of operations, information security, personnel security, physical security, crime prevention, fire protection and preparedness.

Environmental policy

Fennovoima's management and personnel are required to comply with the principles of the company's environmental policy in their daily work. Fennovoima requires all personnel to act in accordance with the guidelines drawn up on the basis of the environmental policy, and to be aware of the environmental impact of their own work, and to assume responsibility for their eventual minimization. Fennovoima also expects its partners to support the implementation of the company's environmental policy.

Human Resources policy

Human Resources Policy defines the principles of resourcing, competence management and development, wellbeing management and compensation. The policy covers Fennovoima’s own personnel and in addition in-house consult resources.

Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy defines the principles of information security in Fennovoima and the responsibilities and authorizations to ensure business continuity and to minimize the risk of damage by preventing security incidents and reducing their potential impact.

Nuclear Safety policy

The nuclear safety policy defines the principles, according to which, Fennovoima takes care of nuclear and radiation safety in design, procurement, construction, operation, decommissioning and other functions and activities of its nuclear power plant.

Occupational Health and Safety policy

The occupational health and safety policy (OHS policy) defines the principles followed by the management and personnel of Fennovoima to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for themselves and their colleagues. Fennovoima also requires its partners to comply with the principles of this OHS policy when working in Fennovoima premises.

Fennovoima has committed to the principles of zero-incidents. The commitment of Fennovoima is manifested as taking care of sufficient resources, setting clear and measurable targets and the consistent management of activities as occupational accidents and diseases can be prevented with the right proactive measures.

Quality policy

Nuclear and radiation safety takes priority in all of Fennovoima's activities. In order to ensure safety, Fennovoima sets high criteria for the quality of its activities. The quality policy specifies the principles, according to which, Fennovoima ensures the quality of its activities and products, and sees that the expectations of its stakeholders are met. The quality criteria for activities and products are set according to their significance with regard to safety.