Minttu Hietamäki Works with All Aspects of Nuclear Safety

Called Finland’s most radiant engineer, Minttu Hietamäki works as a nuclear engineering specialist at Fennovoima. She is responsible for ensuring that the Hanhikivi 1 power plant will meet the Finnish safety requirements. Prior to joining Fennovoima, Minttu worked as a radiation control officer at Finland’s operating nuclear power plants. In her current position, she has been able to exert her influence on radiation safety-related solutions even in the early stages of design. Minttu’s tasks also include the coordination of radiation monitoring carried out in the surroundings of the power plant. Measurement of radiation and the concentrations of radioactive substances is already underway at Hanhikivi, and it will continue until the decommissioning of the power plant.

Minttu’s work involves plenty of variation, as she has agreed to spend a part of her working hours attending to communication tasks. You might find her teaching nuclear engineering to engineering teachers or introducing Fennovoima at various seminars, or you might read interviews with her in the media. As a nuclear engineering specialist, Minttu thinks it is important that the project is continuously subject to open discussion, as this prevents the whole industry from becoming enclosed within its own bubble.

Minttu began her career at Fennovoima in 2010 by writing her thesis on the radiation safety features of new nuclear power plants. While the number of Fennovoima’s personnel has since increased many times over, Minttu says that a certain startup company spirit is still there: everyone is working towards a common goal, and instead of repeating old patterns, people approach things with an open mind. All Fennovoima's employees are aware of how unique the project is.

Based in Oulu, Minttu enjoys life in the north. To bring balance into her nuclear power-filled life, she plays bass in a heavy metal band. She ran her first marathon in Stockholm in May 2014.

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