Responsibility Programme

Fennovoima's present responsibility programme was updated in 2015 to meet the themes appointed in our materiality matrix and to focus on the matters that are essential to our stakeholders and us during the present licensing phase of the project.

The responsibility programme covers all operation of Fennovoima's organization. The programme is based on four strategically significant foundation pillars, which are prominent for the whole life cycle of the project and which are taken into consideration in all the decision-making of the company. The foundation pillars are: responsible business practices, qualified and talented employees, economic profitability of the project to our owners and highest possible nuclear and radiation safety.

The foundation pillars are unchangeable, even though the materialities and the focus of our work changes along the proceeding of the project. We evaluate the content of the programme frequently and update it to meet the demands of the different project phases. The present responsibility programme sets the responsibility objectives and indicators for the years 2015-2018.

The matters emphasized in our responsibility programme during the current project phase are efficient project management, responsible management of the people, stakeholder engagement, responsible business practices and environmental management. The programme sets target levels for each area and determines division of the related responsibilities in the organization.