Environmental matters are addressed through careful planning

A large construction project such as the construction of a nuclear power plant, will inevitably lead to changes in the environment of the site area. Fennovoima aims to preserve the environment as untouched as possible in those areas in which the nuclear power plant, other buildings of the area and the necessary infrastructure are not built.

The nature and natural species of the Hanhikivi peninsula are mapped out in comprehensive studies, the results of which are utilized in careful planning of the land use and in the placing of the buildings, roads and power transmission line. The shore areas are kept as untouched as possible and the placing of the cooling water inlet and discharge channels, and of the harbor quay, are considered carefully.

The studies are currently extended to cover for example geological, meteorological, hydrological and groundwater studies. The results of the studies are utilized, among others, in the planning of the processes and structures of the power plant and in the necessary permission processes.

The effects of the construction and operation of the plant on humans and on the environment have been assessed in the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure.

Fennovoima monitors the natural state of the peninsula on a regular basis and if necessary, takes preventive measures in order to maintain the vitality of the area and its natural species. Such measures can be for example the prevention of valuable coastal meadows’ overgrowth.