Environmental Studies at the Hanhikivi Peninsula

Fennovoima has made a wide range of environmental studies at the Hanhikivi peninsula over several years. The studies will continue until the commencement of the construction of the nuclear power plant, and some will continue during the entire life cycle of the power plant.

The studies provide information that is necessary for applying for future permits, as well as for the design of the buildings and structures. As we want to ensure the neutrality of the research results, we contract external researches and consultants to conduct the necessary studies.

The studies are carried out on land and at sea

In the land area there have been base and seismic studies, with which the levels and characteristics of the rock, the ground water level and the thickness of soil layers have been investigated. These studies provide information for example for the designing of the cooling water routes of the nuclear power plant.

Studies have been made also in the sea area. The seabed near the Hanhikivi headland has been studied by carrying out seismic refraction surveys, drilling and aerial studies and aquatic vegetation has been studied by surface diving. Also the fish fauna of the area are studied for example in several fisheries research, reproduction studies and impact assessment on fish stock. Several studies, such as the underwater geological studies are on-going. 

Fish fauna studies in the sea area of the Hanhikivi peninsula.