Responsible Management

To us responsible management means constant weighing of social, economic and environmental effects and safety impact of our decision-making, and absolute compliance with all applicable legislation.

Effective project management and high standard quality management have substantial significance in Fennovoima’s project. Fennovoima’s management practices are based on openness and carrying of the responsibility in all operations. All decision-making must be accurate.

Fennovoima’s management system is in place to support the responsible decision-making in the organization. The management system gathers all the functions of the company as one balanced integrated wholeness, and it ensures that nuclear and radiation safety is always considered primary in all operation. The management system is under continuous development in order to meet the high standards set for the system in all times.

As a licensee, we have an undivided responsibility for the safety of the future nuclear power plant. With efficient project and quality management we ensure the safety of the project and that the project is realized in accordance with the project plans, within budget and on schedule. It is utmost important that the whole organization works seamlessly towards common objectives.

Fennovoima’s organization is at a stage of strong growth. Through careful preparation, we ensure that the organizational growth is under control and efficient. It is of great value that our new employees find their place in the organization as fast as possible. Therefore we pay special attention to the information and knowledge management and we invest in the training and continuous learning of the personnel.

Clear organizational structure and management practices, transparent divisions of responsibility and the comprehensive management system facilitate the control of the risks associated with organizational change management and the controlled growth of the organization. 

Business practices

Fennovoima complies with good governance and accounting principles.

The duties and responsibilities of the various departments of Fennovoima are defined distinctly. Irrespective of position, no person in Fennovoima may neither require nor allow illegal activity. Corruption and bribery are prohibited in all Fennovoima's operations.

Company structure

The shareholders' general meeting has the final responsibility for the company. The annual general meeting elects nine actual members and three deputies to the Board of Directors for one year at a time. CEO, assisted by the Management Team of the company, heads the company.

Fennovoima's operations are divided into departments, each headed by a member of the Management Team. He, in turn, will report to the CEO. The Board of Directors ensures that the CEO carries out his obligations under the applicable rule of regulations and responsibilities and works for the best of the company.

Accurate and open communication

We want to be worthy of the trust and respect of our stakeholder groups and the surrounding society. According to our communication policy, we promote proactive open and honest communication, which takes place as real-time as possible. We carry on continuous dialogue with our most important stakeholder groups and we respect their opinions. Being a good corporate citizen is the desired and targeted profile Fennovoima wants to uphold throughout the project.