Construction Site Register Is a Tool for Combating Grey Economy

Preventing grey economy is an essential objective of the Hanhikivi 1 construction site management. A key tool for Fennovoima's fight against the grey economy is the construction site register, which is used to ensure that all the required information regarding the supply chain companies and people working at the site are in order.

We do not accept unregistered companies or persons to work at the site and with the construction site register, we aim to secure that our construction site complies with applicable legal and tax obligations at all times. In addition, the register allows us to deliver real-time information on the people working at the site, orientation training they have received, and occupational safety at the construction site.

In practice the construction site register is a centralized registration system, which contains information and identifiers on the companies and workers on site, and on the agreements between them, and the necessary processes to their administration. The system contains a lot of automated functionalities, such as an automatic checking of the contractor’s liability information, which facilitates the management of a large construction site. The register system also allows real-time worker inspections on site.