Fennovoima Is a Continuously Developing Organization

Fennovoima ensures that it has necessary expertise and competence in all phases of the project and pays deep attention to the continuous development of its organization. At present particular attention is paid to the development of management practices, increasing employees’ skills and to the development of the organization's safety culture.

Fennovoima is a fast-growing organization. To ensure that all necessary competence is in-house we recruit experienced professionals from the nuclear energy industry and other industries. The professionals recruited from other industries are expected to possess solid competence and experience in their own field of expertise. Experience of other major construction projects will provide a specialist with a good starting point for working as a specialist in a nuclear plant project. To ensure the continuity of our own expertise, the specialists of various fields still in the early stages of their careers are recruited to work with the more experienced professionals.

During different project phases, the recruitment activities are targeted differently. At the licensing phase (2014-2017), Fennovoima’s organization grows with personnel who have the right expertise in the competence areas essential for the phase, such as project management, engineering, nuclear safety and quality management. During the construction phase (2018-2023), competencies and resources related to the supervision of construction work, of manufacturing and installation of equipment and systems, and the expertise on quality management and authority correspondence will be required in particular.

At the end of the construction phase, the emphasis on the organization will shift as the recruitment and training of operating personnel begins. When establishing the operating organization, the competencies created within the company during the construction phase will be utilized as much as possible.

Fennovoima’s estimated number of personnel in 2014–2023.

At the moment, the number of Fennovoima personnel is 300. The organizational growth rate is fast as at the end of the licensing phase, in 2017, the number of Fennovoima’s personnel is planned to be approximately 370. At the end of the construction phase, the total number of Fennovoima’s own personnel is estimated to be approximately 500. The estimates of Fennovoima's employees from 2014 to 2023 are presented in the figure below.

Number of Fennovoima's personnel in the licensing and construction phases by function.

It is essential to us that all employees are familiar with the special requirements of the nuclear industry and that nuclear safety culture is developed and maintained at high level at all times. To ensure that these requirements are met, Fennovoima has developed a comprehensive two-week orientation training model for new employees and we pay particular attention to the continuous training of the personnel. The personnel is also trained to understand the special characteristics of project-oriented operations and the international nature of the project.