Wellbeing at Work

We want Fennovoima to be a good workplace to all of us and therefore we bear responsibility for workplace wellbeing together.

We believe that high quality management skills are a key factor in the workplace wellbeing and this inspires us even further to devote attention to the management practices in Fennovoima. We train our management continuously to secure skilful management and uniform ways of action.

Working in a project such as Fennovoima's Hanhikivi 1, requires flexibility and ability to adapt oneself to changing situations. Our ability to cope and recover from different work situations are individual. In addition, our personal life circumstances have a great effect on our endurance and resistance to stress. To maintain the balance of suitable amount of work and working hours we monitor the working hours and pay special attention to recovery from work.

In order to maintain a good working ability, Fennovoima has adapted an early intervention approach. It means that all sick leaves are registered and monitored and if frequent sick leaves occur, preventive and health maintaining measures can be addressed in time. The level of the work welfare is followed in cooperation with occupational health and with the help of the ParTy® inquiry of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, among others.

While inspiring and meaningful work engages one easily, it should not be the whole world. The successful combination of work and leisure is seen as wellbeing at the workplace. Therefore we try to facilitate this balancing with several methods such as working hour arrangements, other work arrangements, individual adjustments, and by increasing awareness among management.

Thanks to flexible working hours it is possible for Fennovoima employees to manage their time better and to do arrangements that suit their personal lives. As all working hours are monitored and registered, in case of accumulated working hours, our employees have the possibility to spend their accumulated hours as they wish and even take them as free days off.

We promote physical wellbeing and encourage our employees to do sports and to attend different events and happenings. Fennovoima's staff sports club meets actively to test a variety of sports and we also participate in sportive campaigns together. As the harmony between body and mind is seen important, Fennovoima’s staff cultural club organizes various cultural activities throughout the year.