A Strong Safety Culture Is Our Common Commitment

Safety is a basis of our operations in Hanhikivi 1 project and we pay particular attention to high safety culture during the entire project. A strong commitment to safety must be present in Fennovoima’s own organization, but also among our plant supplier, main contractor and subcontractors - in short, among all parties taking part on the nuclear power plant construction. Already during construction, the requirements related to nuclear safety and the safe operation of the plant will be taken into account.

It is utmost important, that there is a consensus among all project parties on what is meant by safety in Hanhikivi 1 project, and that everyone working in the project bears the responsibility for the safety. In order to ensure a coherent approach to safety, we have together with our plant supplier agreed on safety principles, which all parties involved in the project must follow. The basic safety principles for the Hanhikivi 1 project are:

Commitment Set the nuclear and radiation safety priority, take responsibility and be an example to others.
Awareness Know what you're doing, why you're doing it and what is the impact of your doings.
Transparency Collaborate with others and communicate openly.
Continuous improvement Be proactive, dare to challenge, seek all the time to learn more, and use the learned information.

In Fennovoima’s organization, the safety awareness is maintained and brought out on a constant open communication and training. Safety culture is introduced to our new employees already during the first working days as safety culture training is given value in two weeks orientation training that is compulsory for all new employees.

To promote safety culture Fennovoima has also appointed a group of five safety culture ambassadors who work in various positions in the organization. The ambassadors bring their own professional expertise in the use of the group, promote overall safety culture awareness, and they process the grievances, concerns and development proposals which have risen out in the organization.

However, safety is a matter of everybody. A good safety culture is created and maintained by promoting everybody’s commitment to the safety awareness, as safety culture is a way of thinking and a choice that we make every day. Obtaining the highest possible level of safety requires that all our decisions and actions are taken in accordance with the instructions and that the perceived grievances are intervened promptly. For the sake of continuous development of our safety culture it is essential that we constantly question existing practices and we develop our operations on every turn further. To us the safety is the basis for our operations and in ensuring safety there are no shortcuts.

Safety is a matter of everybody.