STUK Supervises Radiation and Nuclear Safety in Finland

Continuous observation of safety principles is a fundamental precondition for the safe construction, operation and decommissioning of Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant. Detailed regulations governing the observance of safety principles are given in government decrees and in the regulatory guides for nuclear safety: the YVL Guides issued by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

Fennovoima executes its project in accordance with valid laws, decrees, official requirements and guidelines, and does not authorize any solutions that are in conflict with the safety principles. The authorities have means backed by legislation at their disposal for ensuring the safe use of nuclear energy in all phases of operations and for intervening if any actions, which are suspected of being in conflict with the set requirements.

Fennovoima will pay attention to the continuous improvement of the safety of its nuclear power plant during its entire life cycle. Continuous improvement of safety at Fennovoima’s facility will include modifications based on technological advances and development of the plant’s operating procedures based on the results of new safety analyses.

As Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project proceeds, the overall safety of the nuclear power plant will be assessed during the construction license and operating license application processes as well as at maximum intervals of ten years during the operation of the power plant, in connection with operating license renewals or periodic safety reviews.

Evidence of the appropriate safety of nuclear facilities as well as the technical solutions within the safety systems must be based on testing and calculations. Fennovoima uses assessment methods and tools approved by STUK for the assessment of safety.

STUK supervises also the construction

During the construction phase, Fennovoima and STUK will supervise the construction of the nuclear power plant and its safety at all stages of the work. Fennovoima will ensure that the plant will be constructed in accordance with safety requirements, using accepted plans and procedures.

Fennovoima will also ensure that the plant supplier and the subcontractors that produce services and products important to safety operate in accordance with the safety requirements and understand the importance of the requirements. Only suppliers who possess the prerequisites for operations that meet the requirements, and who use clear quality management and assurance procedures, may take part in deliveries that have safety significance.

Fennovoima has established procedures for the assessment, approval, supervising and steering of the suppliers of products that have safety significance. The procedures cover the entire supply chain and all the phases in the life cycle of the product.

Fennovoima will submit the operational models for quality management and assurance, as well as the construction supervision plan, to STUK during the construction license application process. An overall assessment of the safety of the completed nuclear power plant will take place during the operating license phase. The operation of the nuclear power plant must not begin until STUK has established that Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant and operating organization meet the set safety requirements.