Authorities, Decision-makers and Industry Associations

Our cooperation with the related authorities and decision-makers is wide and continuous. Trust and transparency are the basis of the functional cooperation.

Throughout the company’s existence Fennovoima has maintained constructive dialogue with the Finnish Government and Parliament. We also maintain dialogue with European Union level stakeholders to follow and maintain compliance with EU level requirements and standards.

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK is a highly influential and essential stakeholder to us. Fennovoima and STUK have established meeting and correspondence practices to ensure coordination over nuclear safety and licensing issues.

Also the Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland (AVI in Finnish) and the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of North Ostrobothnia (ELY-keskus in Finnish) are close and important stakeholders to Fennovoima. Fennovoima applies for several conventional permits from the Regional State Administrative Agency and the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment act as the supervisory authority for these permits. They also act as important link to business and industry, and labour force.

As the activity at the construction site increases, the cooperation intensifies with authorities and other organizations related to building regulations and labour issues, such as industrial safety administration, immigration and tax authorities. Also the police and local fire departments are organizations that we have close relations and cooperation regarding the safety and security of the plant site. 

Fennovoima participates actively also in the activities of several nuclear industry associations and other associations in Finland and abroad.

Among our partners are: