Pyhäjoki Region

We want to be a good neighbour to the people living and working in the Pyhäjoki area.

In Pyhäjoki, the preparation for the large nuclear power plant project has been in progress already for long. Various projects related to a wide range of sectors, like public services, businesses and educational opportunities, are underway and we cooperate closely with the development organizations and companies in the area. 

Our Pyhäjoki office has been serving local residents and businesses since 2008. Anyone interested in the project can visit the office for more information and there is always time for a good conversation. Furthermore, we arrange theme evenings open for the public and share information about the project in different opportunities if requested.

We also publish our own magazine Fennonen, which is distributed to the households of the area twice a year and is constantly updated as a digital magazine. We also find it important to engage with the community by supporting local sports and culture activity along in the neighbouring area of Pyhäjoki.

We are proud of the fact that a clear majority of the inhabitants of Pyhäjoki and its surrounding municipalities support Fennovoima’s project. According to the survey conducted by Norstat Finland Oy in December 2016, a vast majority of 67.4 per cent of the Pyhäjoki inhabitants are in favour of Fennovoima.

Open doors day at Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi site in October 2016 attracted almost 1400 people to visit the site. Check out more pictures here.